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£45k in Business Referrals in March 2019

Weymouth Business Exchange Networking Weymouth Dorset

WEBX, Weymouth Business exchange members benefited from over £45,000 of business referrals during the month of March 2019.

Member's of WEBX met at the weekly business networking event, held at Weymouth Pavilion, Tuesday mornings at 7am.

How WEBX works

At every meeting each member presents a very short sales pitch promoting their own business or profession, with a view to fellow members providing 3rd party business leads/opportunities, ideally to other people or businesses from outside the group. ​

During March this saw a total of 26 business leads and over £45,000 of business invoices paid to WEBX members.

Visitors are very welcome to come and have a look at how the WEBX concept works. Visitors may attend a breakfast networking meeting, where they are invited to do a one minute pitch! This is a great opportunity to promote their business even if they decide that they cannot commit to joining!

WEBX Members Commitment:​
  • Regular attendance

  • Happy to promote their business

  • Willing to pass referrals

  • £100 annual fee

  • £30 per month (breakfast fee-we don’t meet on the first Tuesday of every month)

Our constitution permits charitable giving and sponsorship, mainly for local good causes.

So, if you think that you may benefit from becoming a member of Weymouth Business Exchange, come along as a visitor and check us out.

Remember that there is no obligation to join, however we always look forward to new businesses or individuals joining us.

Just visit our website to sign up to visit WEBX at our next weekly Breakfast Networking Meeting to start networking with WEBX. Your first visit is FREE!

The WEBX Team

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