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Policy Positioning Paper on Business Crime

The Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner office are in the process of writing a paper recommending what is required to support local businesses against crime. Mr Garlick, a Policy and Commissioning Officer from Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner is speaking to local businesses to gain feedback on the issues they are facing with crime and how the Commissioner can put strategies in place to help combat business crime.

This week Mr Garlick was the guest speaker at WEBX - Weymouth Business Exchange networking breakfast to hear the views and concerns of the members, all local business owners, regarding the issues their businesses are facing with local crime.

Each member of WEBX was given the opportunity to give their feedback on the issues their business is facing. Some key points included:

- Lack of communication directly from the Police Commissioner office to local businesses to gain an understanding of what the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner office does and how it can support local businesses.

- The commission needs to be more approachable and be part of the community. Social media should be used to reach audiences.

- Several members of the group raised concerns over antisocial behaviour which can escalate to crimes being committed.

- Frustrations were raised over the rights of businesses and landowners when faced with travellers trespassing.

- Cybercrime was a recurring concern, with business owners giving feedback on experiences within business and personal fraudulent cybercrimes.

Mr Garlick was open to hearing the business owners views and will return once the paper is published to feedback on how the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner will support local businesses going forward.

WEBX - Weymouth Business Exchange, look forward to welcoming Mr Garlick back.

Get in touch if you're a local business owner who's business could benefit from meeting other local business owners and you would like to join us at one of our business networking breakfasts on a Tuesday morning.

To learn more email or call Mel and 078787 62174

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