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£18,000 of Networking as WEBX Welcomes in Winter Sessions...

WEBX, Weymouth Business Exchange welcomed back it's members to start our winter sessions. This week saw a fantastic £18,000 of thank you's for payments received to members from networking referrals made within the group.

Members gathered to share their business updates from the summer break. Each member took 1 minute to share with the group of business owners, their services and products. Detailing what referrals for work they are currently seeking.

A full list of all our members can be found on the WEBX website - Members List

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 24th September. Could your business benefit from networking with other local businesses? Why not come along for a FREE complimentary breakfast to learn a little more about WEBX, Weymouth Business Exchange. Sign up HERE to book your breakfast space.

Contact Melany on 0787 8762174 for further details

We look forward to meeting you

WEBX - Weymouth Business Exchange Team

WEBX Weymouth Business Exchange Networking Weymouth

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