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WEBX To Start Their Networking Winter Sessions

10th September sees the start of the winter networking sessions at WEBX - Weymouth Business Exchange

WEBX Weymouth Business Exchange Networking

Weymouth Business Exchange (WEBX) is a Networking Group for local business owners or their representatives. We work together to generate more business for each other. We do this by applying this philosophy;

“If I help you find the business, you are likely to want to help me find business”

Each member uses the other members as their sales team.

WEBX - Weymouth Business Exchange are based in Weymouth and Dorchester and the surrounding areas.

There are three business breakfast meetings a month held on Tuesday mornings at 07:15am for a 07:30am start.

We aim to finish at approximately 8.45am and 9.00am. These timings are designed so as not to encroach into the working day.

There is no meeting on the first Tuesday in the month.

Membership fees are more than competitive at £100 per annum plus a meeting fee of £10.00 (This covers the hire of the room and breakfast.)

How WEBX Works

Members and guests are given the opportunity to share with the rest of the meeting what their businesses offer in a short 60 second slot.

Information, ideas, contacts, help & support are all things you’ll find at WEBX along with a very warm welcome & an environment that is conducive to growing your business and achieving your aims & objectives.

Spending time with like-minded business people is invaluable especially in a friendly atmosphere where you can share your successes, or the way you do things. You will soon realise that you’re not alone.

Helping New and Start Up Businesses

WEBX - Weymouth Business Exchange is ideal if you're starting a new business, or thinking about expanding your contacts. You'll meet local like-minded business owners who have clients, friends, relatives or neighbours who will be only too happy to refer your services.

Get in touch and come along to one of our breakfast club meetings as a guest and experience the benefits of WEBX membership.

To book your no obligation, FREE visit please fill out the form on our contact section or book online HERE.

Alternatively call Mel on 0787 8762174 or email us

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