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Success at WEBX Visitors Networking Breakfast

Tuesday 14th November saw WEBX members welcome guests for a free networking breakfast to introduce them to WEBX - Weymouth Business Exchange.

WEBX holds visitor days throughout the year to demonstrate to other local businesses what we, as a networking group do and how we help one another to grow our businesses through referrals.

There was a real buzz in the room as over 30 businesses mingled and discussed their business needs over a welcoming beverage at Weymouth Pavilion.

Chairman Malcolm Merit (Merit Financial Services Ltd) settled WEBX members and visitors down to enjoy a full cooked english breakfast (with the option for vegetarian or vegan available) and the networking continued over a relaxed breakfast.

It was then time to show the visitors what WEBX (Weymouth Business Exchange) is all about as our chairman invited each WEBX member to give a 1 minute overview of their business, and what business leads/referrals they were currently looking for.

Next for the visitors, as our chairman invited each one in turn to give a 1 min overview of their business and the business leads they were looking for.

Having watched the WEBX members present their 1-minute the visitors appeared relaxed and ready to share the details of their businesses with the rest of the room.

Malcolm (chairman) then gave an insight into the success of WEBX. Since WEBX began in APRIL 2016 to date its members have passed over 15k business referrals resulting in actual business passed between members of over £650k of business.

A key element of WEBX is only 1 member is allowed per category. Ensuring that all business referrals for that 1 category are directed to that one member within the WEBX meetings.

It was then over to WEBX social secretary Nick Bourne to let the group know what social events were up coming and invite members to come along.

And finally the most important part of the meeting and why we all attend. Members were invited one by one to give referrals for work to other members and visitors in the room, and to share the value of business passed since the last meeting.

A total of 69 business leads and £11,618 of business received was recorded. An outstanding result for a visitor’s day.

If you feel your business could benefit from WEBX (Weymouth Business Exchange) email us to book your business breakfast.

For a list of current vacant business categories visit

WEBX - Weymouth Business Exchange

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